November 16, 2009

Tip 1: The right way to upgrade to a SharePoint Service Pack or Update

tip is for Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 and Microsoft Office SharePoint
Server 2007.

step test the update in a test farm. Second, test again. Third, make backups (Database
and file system). Okay, now you can start with the upgrade.

the Windows SharePoint Services update/Service Pack on all servers in the farm.
Install the Microsoft Office SharePoint Server update/Service Pack on all
servers in the farm if applicable.

the SharePoint Products and Technologies Configuration Wizard on each server in
the farm. A good start would be the server running the Central Administration
service. Alternatively, you can run
psconfig.exe -cmd upgrade –inplace
to accomplish this. Some upgrade errors can be fixed by running
the psconfig.exe command with the
psconfig.exe -cmd upgrade –inplace
b2b -force
switch also.

after all of the updates and wizards have run successfully, is the farm
upgraded to the new version. A good way to test this is to run
stsadm.exe -o localupgradestatus on
the servers in the farm. If it shows OK, the upgrade was successful on that


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