June 25, 2010

Tip 35: Run Every Timer Job Now!

This tip is for SharePoint Foundation 2010, SharePoint Server 2010 and Search Server 2010 Express.

Are you sick of waiting for a timer job to run? Don”t want to use the “Run Now” button in the timer job definitions properties page in Central Administration->Monitoring->Review Job Definitions? Or do not know which exact timer job needs to run for a specific function?

Use the commands below in the SharePoint 2010 Management Console to run every timer job in the farm that is not disabled (FYI: disabled jobs throw an exception if you try to run them, but no harm is done.).

$timers=Get-SPTimerJob|? {$_.isDisabled -eq $false}

foreach ($timer in $timers) {$timer.RunNow()}

A good use of these commands is in development work, a lot of time can be wasted waiting for timer jobs to perform actions on data changed while developing and sometimes it”s easier to just run all of the timer jobs if the specific job is unknown. That said, I do not recommend running this command on a production farm as you may see at the very least a performance hit while all of the jobs run and worse, errors while running the jobs.


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