August 5, 2011

Tip 43: SharePoint 2010 – Create a New Active Directory Attribute and Map into the User Profile Store

This tip is for SharePoint Server 2010.

I had this post sitting for a bit in my drafts and decided I should put it out there.

User profiles have been getting a lot of attention with SharePoint 2010. In this post I am going to show you how you can create your very own Active Directory attribute, map that attribute to the FIM client SharePoint 2010 uses to import profile information and get that attribute into SharePoint.

In some cases you will already have an Active Directory attribute and just want to map in to SharePoint. In that case you can start with step 6.

  1. Create a new attribute. Enter the Common Name, LDAP name, X500 OID (Get a new OID;, Description and syntax.
  2. Register AD Schema MMC snap in;
  3. Edit the user class and add the new attribute.
  4. Right-click the DC and “Reload the Schema”
  5. In FIM client go to Management Agents and Refresh Schema.
  6. Double click Properties
  7. Select “Select Attributes” and click the “Show All” checkbox.
  8. Select the new AD attribute.
  9. In the MMS service application click Manage User Properties.
  10. Click New Property
  11. Enter a name, Display Name and other values. Select the connection, attribute and direction (Import) from the Add New Mapping group and click Add.
  12. In the MMS service Application Start Profile Synchronization.
  13. After profile synchronization is complete, click Manage User Profiles.
  14. Search for a profile that has the attribute set.

Drop down the menu for the profile and Edit My Profile.


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