Monthly Archive: March 2012


Tip 48: Setting Up and Installing Printers in Windows

This tip is for Windows XP SP3, Vista, 7 and possibly 8. This is going to be a long post, but is not meant to be all inclusive. There are definitely other ways to setup and install printers, but the ways below are a good practice to follow...


Tip 47: One Windows System Stability Index Score to Rule Them All

This tip is for Windows Vista, 2008 Server RTM and up. Since I talked about Wbemtest.exe and Windows System Stability Index in the last posts I thought I would do something useful with the treasure trove of reliability information available through WMI. Usually the System Stability Index is...


Tip 45: WBEMTEST, the underappreciated tool

This tip is for all versions of Windows, Windows NT and up. One of my favorite built in tools in Windows is Wbemtest.exe. It is not the prettiest program ever created, but the power to find out information on your computer and other computers on the network is...