March 27, 2012

Tip 47: One Windows System Stability Index Score to Rule Them All

This tip is for Windows Vista, 2008 Server RTM and up.

Since I talked about Wbemtest.exe and Windows System Stability Index in the last posts I thought I would do something useful with the treasure trove of reliability information available through WMI. Usually the System Stability Index is shown in the Windows Reliability History by a graph that shows the index by day. One small issue though is that there are only 3 graduations (1, 5 and 10) on the chart to shown what the index is. Below is a fun little PowerShell script that will display a single reliability score basedon an average all of the Windows System Stability Index scores. This way, you can easily where the computer is at, from 1 lowest to 10, perfect reliability.

To run the script either copy the text in yellow below and paste into Notepad and save as a .ps1 file or copy the text in yellow below and paste into the PowerShell ISE in Windows and run from there.

$query = “select TimeGenerated,SystemStabilityIndex from Win32_ReliabilityStabilityMetrics”
$wmiobj = get-wmiobject -query $query
($rel in $wmiobj) {
$avg = $total/$count
Write-Host “This computer has an all-time reliability of” $avg “out of 10.0”

Those of you following, my home built machine has much better reliability than my laptop. 9.3 is very high. Anything less than 5 I would look to reimage and go through the hardware to see if there was a bad component like disk or memory (RAM).

What are your scores?



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